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Sri Lalitha Tripurasundari Goseva Samithi (Goshala) started in the year 2004 to maintain abandoned cows, bulls and orphaned calves which are picked up from the streets and the slaughter houses.We formed a trust in the year 2009 by the name Sri Lalitha Tripurasundari Goseva Samithi to eradicate the cruel, evil and sinful GOVADHA (cow slaughter) by carrying out all acts to attain that objective, such as saving, protecting, providing shelter, feeding, providing medical aid and all other necessary help for their life time to the cows and cow heard which are being taken for slaughter.We provide the neglected cows with medical attention, food, clean water and lifetime accommodation.

We provide stray cows hay, flour, fresh grass and a place where they can recuperate from injuries. At present we host a herd of 70 cows.

We give utmost attention to the cows abandoned by the farmers and which are abducted for slaughter by cattle rustlers who are active in these days throught the country.


Why Cow Protection?

The actual reason for cow protection is very simple:

First of all, all living entities should be protected from slaughter and other violence at the hands of humans. Not only cows, but animals have souls the same as we do. All are children of God, all are dear to Him. With this view in mind, it can be seen that slaughter is a form of murder.


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